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Welcome to the D.A.R.A. Sanctuary

Dustie's Animal Rescue and Adoption Sanctuary is a small private sanctuary dedicated to proactively taking measures to address and reduce the plight of abused, abandoned, and homeless cats. Cats know no borders and the mission of D.A.R.A is to expand our efforts both locally and internationally. We have placed more than 300 cats and a dozen dogs into happy adoptive homes. All of the thirty-two cats permanently in our care are ill, immune compromised, senior, or psychologically or physiologically traumatized. They are not suitable for placement and so the sanctuary provides a forever home.

2016 Pet Food Recalls

March 18 - Fromm Gold 12 oz. canned dog food| Insufficent vitamins and minerals

March 10 - Purina Wet Dog Food 10oz tub| Insufficient vitamins

Jan 15 - Vital Essentials Frozen Chicken Patty Entre for dogs | Possible Salmonella

Jan 5 - Big Dog Natural Chicken and Fish Supreme Dog Food | Salmonella or Listeria

2015 Pet Food Recalls

March 17 – Primal Pet Food | Low Thiamine Levels | 1 Lot Recalled

February 11 – Nutrisca  | Salmonella Contamination | 6 Lots Recalled

February 11 – Pet International Inc | Salmonella Contamination | 1 Lot / 1500 Units Recalled

January 20 – Oma’s Pride Purr Brand | Salmonella Contamination | 2 Lots Recalled

On the D.A.R.A. website you can find:

  • Tips on the best practices for pet care
  • The latest updates on pet food recalls
  • The latest in pet care news!
  • Information on Spay, Neuter, Release
  • Information on how to care for feral cat colonies
  • Support for those caring for feral colonies or providing care for abandoned animals

We invite you to visit the DARA blog for pet news and tips.

We actively promote Spay, Neuter and Return (SNR) as the most humane and effective means to control the communities of cat populations everywhere.

Our focus at the physical sanctuary is on cats, although in the past we have rescued dogs, vetted them, and placed them into good adoptive homes. On the website, however, we offer a wealth of information for dog owners and rescuers. At the moment our numbers are at capacity at the sanctuary but we are hoping to expand our infrastructure so that we will be able to accept animals, both cats and dogs, for surrender or adoption in the future as funding allows.

The long-term success of the DARA Sanctuary, as with any private charity and with animal rescue and rehabilitation, in particular, is dependent on the generous donations of you, the public. If you believe what we are doing is valuable, a donation, large or small, makes a huge difference in the lives of these little animals and our ability to provide for their creature comforts.