Meet Flossie

Flossie , Flora, and Little Mouse were rescued from a crowded outdoor market in the Middle East as tiny kittens. Tomatoes were on the menu that day but certainly not three baby cats not yet old enough to eat on their own. It was at the tomato stand that an unwary customer stepped on the fourth in the litter, the most adventurous among them, and unfortunately that kitten did not survive being stepped on. It was unthinkable to leave the three remaining kittens in that situation and so, in lieu of the tomatoes, they came home in a cardboard box.

Flossie is quite bossy. She may be a dilute calico but she lives up to the full calico reputation. She is extremely bonded to her sister, Flora, and even more so to Gingi, who took those three kittens under his paws and tried his best to be a surrogate mother.

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