Meet Fluffy

Fluffy and her sister Leeza were rescued as 5 week old kittens after their mother disappeared for nearly a week. The mother cat returned, minus her tail and with severe wounds. Someone in that neighborhood had captured and tortured her (Nesicha was also one of this evil person's victims). Unfortunately, even with the best medical care, the mother cat did not survive her injuries.

Fluffy and Leeza are extremely bonded. You never see one without the other: They sleep together, play together, eat together. Despite being in an indoor home environment in close contact with humans and other cats for nearly a year, they avoid the other cats and will run if any human tries to touch them. However, if they were placed together in a home without other cats and with patient and loving human owners, we believe that both Fluffy and Leeza would blossom and, within a few months, become fully socialized and wonderful kitty companions for their new family.

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