Meet Gingi

Gingi is a big tomcat who has turned out to be the best of mothers. Every kitten that has come into our care has been taken under Gingi's wing. They flock to him and he licks them, lets them 'nurse' on him, tumble over him and with the greatest of patience, he schools them in appropriate cat behavior.

Gingi, himself, was rescued as a tiny kitten needing to be bottle-fed. He and his brother Arie lost their mother to a road accident when they were only 3 weeks old and didn't yet have their eyes open. Gingi has never quite recovered from the loss of Arie (who suffered a thromboembolism at only 4 years old) and has become very needing of attention and pets in the four years since. He is an exceptionally sweet and affectionate cat and has currently taken it on as his mission to try to civilize little Puddin'.

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