Meet Gypsy

Gypsy showed up in the yard on a winters day about a year ago. Clearly hungry and anxious, he ate every bite of the food put out for him by the outside gate. The hope that he belonged to one of the neighbors was soon dispelled: His tipped ear indicated that he had been spayed and was a member of a feral colony some distance away -- given the state he was in when he arrived, perhaps quite far away. He soon made it clear that his wandering days were over. He had made it to the D.A.R.A. sanctuary and he was not leaving!

He was initially very wary but slowly, slowly, over time his trust was gained. Gypsy seems to be about six years old. In June, 2015, he was diagnosed with having Feline Aids. His weight had suddenly begun dropping and he had wounds from mosquito bites that did not heal. At his annual checkup, the news that he had the FIV virus came as a real blow. He is currently in an enclosure all his own where his health can be monitored closely. We are hoping to find a forever, inside-only, home for him with an owner who understands that he will have on-going health issues and where he will be an only cat. With proper care, Gypsy can live to a ripe old age. He is a truly loving little creature and gives back a hundred-fold for good and loving care.

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