Meet Matan

Matan came to us as a "for a few weeks only" foster placement through one of our vets. The vet had witnessed a man kick a tiny grey and white kitten out of his way on the sidewalk -- the kick broke the little 8 week old kitten's leg. The vet took the kitten to his clinic and put a cast that was bigger than the cat on the broken leg. A few hours later, I arrived with one of my cats for a vet visit and, knowing of our rescue activities, the vet asked if I could take the kitten while his leg healed and the vet assured me he would find a home for him. Two months later, Matan was still with me and the vet reported he'd had no success in finding a home.

I went into action at that point and found a lovely family for Matan. Unfortunately, three weeks after placing him, the family made good on our guarantee that, should the necessity arise, we will always take back an animal that we placed. Their young child turned out to be allergic to cat dander. Unable to find a permanent home for Matan, he will always have a home here.

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