Meet Missy: A Twisted Sister

Missy is one of a trio of sisters initially 'rescued' by some young children. They did not realize that a mother cat will not recognize or continue to care for their kittens if they have been extensively handled by humans and, in this case, also dunked in soapy water for a 'bath.' Missy and her siblings were not quite 3 weeks old at the time and so needed to be bottle-fed. They were also quite ill with a 'kitten cold' and it resulted, despite medical care, in Yafah losing sight in one of her eyes. As they grew up, all three developed the habit of spinning rapidly in circles when excited, thus earning them the nickname of "The Twisted Sisters."

Missy is the most laid back of the sisters (which is not saying alot!). She is very sweet and loving. Although the girls are now nearly four years old, they still are the size of an 8-month old kitten and not likely to grow further. They had a rough start in life, have had extensive medical issues, and their personality quirks have prevented successful adoptive placements. Missy and her two Twisted Sisters have a forever home, however, here at the DARA Sanctuary.

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