Meet Nesicha: A stubby-tailed Princess

Nesicha (in English, "Princess") is a prime example of how the spirit can overcome much and blossom and, yet, still bear terrible physical and psychological scars. Nesicha, with her initially trusting and loving nature, fell victim to a human monster who tortured and maimed her.

Nesicha was once an owned cat, living entirely indoors, and completely trusting. I met her when I moved into a new apartment and the previous occupants came by to ask if I could feed their cat for a week outside, just until they could arrange things with their new landlord to have a cat. The week passed and they never came back or answered my calls. What I did not know was that there was a maniac in my new neighborhood who tortured and killed cats. A little more than a week after I began feeding her, Nesicha disappeared for several days. When next I saw her, she was in a terrible state: She was covered in cigarette burns, her tail had been skinned of hair and there was a string cord embedded deep into her tail. She would not come near me. I put antibiotics into her food and slowly regained her trust until I could trap her and get her to a vet.

Half of her tail needed to be amputated. She has recovered physically but her psychological scars run deep. Yet, she's one of the lucky ones. The mother of Fluffy and Leeza and more than 30 other homeless cats did not survive the injuries incurred by the hands of this maniac. He's not been caught but Nesicha has found sanctuary here.

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