Meet Nipper

Nipper is a product of the feral colony where our rescue efforts first began. While we were engaging in SNR a number of the most wary females became pregnant and produced litters. As soon as the kittens were of age to be separated from their mothers we scooped them up and began the process of socializing them, geting them their vaccinations, spaying or neutering them, and finding them good homes. We kept those kittens that were too skittish and remained semi-feral. Those kittens were Nipper, Smokey, and Whisper -- all senior cats today.

As a kitten, Nipper was extremely difficult to socialize. To put it bluntly, he would bite, bite hard, and bite a lot. He was first given a different name but after the biting continued, we called him "Nipper" ("Biter" seemed rather too harsh!). Fortunately, his biting stage did not last beyond his first 8 months though he kept his new name. Today, Nipper is a gentle and sweet old soul.

Nipper has health issues due to his age. He has a severe chronic cough, along with his sister Whisper, and is in the care of an internal medicine specialty clinic for this condition. He takes a daily dose of Prednisilone. Currently Nipper is at an extra health risk as he is deeply grieving the loss of his beloved cousin, Smokey -- Nipper was Smokey's constant shadow and, a month after the loss, he continues to search and call for him everywhere.

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