Meet Puddin'

Puddin' was rescued on a cold and rainy winter day. The sodden little 3-week old ball of calico fluff was crouched trembling in the middle of a busy roadway during morning rush hour. I spotted her just as a car drove over her and expected the worst. Thankfully, she was missed by all the wheels and I rushed into traffic to snatch her to safety. I believe the mother cat had been moving her kittens and dropped her while trying to get across the road.

Puddin' was extremely sick with a kitten cold. After she was nursed back to health, we discovered that she is 90% blind. As a kitten, being unable to see much, she did not engage in typical kitten play. Because she cannot read body language, she remains terrified of most other cats and, if she discovers one has strayed close to her, she lets out a scream to bring the house down and can become aggressive toward the poor intruder into her personal space. She has, however, found a 'pod' of cats that she tolerates (if not loves) and we have her and the three she gets along with well in a room of their own. We suspect she may have some cognitive disabilities, as she is extremely slow to learn socialization skills. At nearly four years old, we are still working with her to break her of bad habits, such as biting for attention and attempting to climb her peoples' bodies. She is, however, a very sweet little cat and has won our hearts and, unquestionably, a forever loving home at the DARA Sanctuary.

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