Meet Sallie

Sallie is a beautiful, fluffy Maine Coon cat that was rescued by Sal, a middle school student. Someone had given Sal the kitten when it was only three weeks old -- far too young to be taken from its mother even under the best of circumstances. He relinquished his pet because he said that his family would not allow him to take care of the kitten properly: They would not buy cat food for it and made him keep it outside with no form of warmth or shelter.

Sallie is a typical Maine Coon cat in temperament. No permanent home could be found for Sallie and so she remains a member of the household of rescues. Sallie is a senior cat now and requires the usual senior exams and periodic dentals. In the summer, due to her abundant fur and her aversion to being brushed, we give her a "lion cut," which is nice and cool for the summer months.

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