Meet Shachori

Three times charmed is our Shachori. Shachori was one of several hundred street cats that I cared for, providing food, water, and medical care. She was very street unwary, however, and was hit, not once, not twice, but three times by cars and survived each encounter by the grace of God (and considerable medical bills). After her third encounter with an automobile, I took no more chances on her behalf. I brought her home from the vet to permanent residence in the DARA Sanctuary.

Shachori is scared of her own shadow and terrified of other cats. She now resides in an indoor-outdoor enclosure all her own,safe from threats both real and in her imagination. From a scrawny little black wisp, she has turned fat and sassy, with a luxurious black coat. It is gratifying to see that she will live the rest of her life in safety and comfort.

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