Meet Tinoket

Tinoket ('Baby' in Hebrew) was one in a kitten set of three siblings, about 6 weeks old, that I was feeding on the streets of Tel Aviv. She and her sister, Tovi (also now at the DARA Sanctuary, although it was many years in coming), were wild as little march hares. Their brother, Tuvia, was relatively tame and docile, however, and when a place opened up after placing one of my rescues for adoption, I planned to catch him, get him fully vetted, socialized and to find an adoptive placement for him. Things, didn't work out that way. Instead, when I went to collect Tuvia, I found Tinoket too sick to harem away, too sick to eat, and too sick to protest when I picked her up, hailed a cab, and took her immediately to the vet.

Her recovery was touch and go. When she did recover, she resumed her feral kitten skittishness and several adoptive placements fell through. She bonded strongly to me and to the other cats in my care but could not adapt to her adoptive placements and so is in my forever care. I will always regret not taking in Tuvia as well that day as, not long after, he was hit and killed by a car. Limited space and limited resources hinder what can be done when there are so many in need but at least little Tinoket is happy, healthy, loved, and safe nearly 11 years on.

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