Meet Tzofia (pronounced 'Sophia')

In the summer of 2006 I was contacted by a visitor to Israel: "I've found a tiny kitten with something terribly wrong with her leg. She isn't old enough to eat by herself. I'm afraid she is going to die. I want to take her home with me in 6 weeks, can you take care of her until then?"

That was nearly 9 years ago and Tzofia is still with me. Her right front leg is paralyzed but she quickly compensated. I bottle-fed, then weaned her to solid food, thinking she would only be with me for a few weeks. However, her rescuer turned out to not be able to take her home after all.

Tzofia doesn't seem to know she has only 3 working legs. You will most often find Tzofia claiming residence at the highest spot on the cat tree. She is even more likely than her companions to snag the flying cat toy, and to do everything else a cat with four functioning legs can do.

Tzofia needs some dental work -- a teeth cleaning and possible removal of a couple of teeth, as she has, like so many of the Middle Eastern rescues, developed a low level of stomatitis. Your sponsorship will help to keep her in high-climbing health! She continues to be a three-legged, adventurous wonder.

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