Meet Batya

On a grey early spring evening in 2008 I noticed a car that slowed down, the door opened and something was thrown out. That something turned out to be a 5-6 week old kitten. She was trying to drag herself along with clearly injured back legs, and she looked up at me with the most amazing Cleopatra eyes.

Her hip was fractured and only when she was cleaned up did her beautiful coat become apparent. Unable to find an adoptive home for her, she found a home with me and the D.A.R.A. Sanctuary.

Batya has a severe form of Stomatitis. Without a montly steroid shot, and daily Prednisilone and Clindamycin, she is unable to eat but, with these meds, she is able to enjoy her food and life. Batya is also allergic to ....just about everything. She needs to be on a special grain-free diet and we rely largely on canned food for her to decrease any oral irritations.

Batya is aptly named as she simply loves to bat over any cup or glass that she can find. She particularly likes it when the glass contains liquids or something that will spill out. She has a typical "Calico" personality -- very bossy and demanding -- and is also very loving and adores a good cuddle.

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