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About the D.A.R.A. Sanctuary

D.A.R.A. is a small, private organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of animals that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. Animals know nothing of borders and our organization has helped animals from local and distant areas including animals from the Middle East and Mexico.

When we rescue an animal we do an immediate assessment beginning with an examination by a vet. Vaccinations and medical care are provided during that initial exam. Other medical needs, spaying or neutering if needed, and any needed socialization are also addressed.

We have placed more than 200 cats (and half a dozen dogs) into good, loving, permanent homes. Potential adoptive families are carefully screened to ensure a successful placement and always, at any time during the animal's lifetime, should the adoptive family no longer be able to care for the cat (or dog), they can return the animal to us. We have in our care permanent residents, numbering 31 currently. They are cats that are not suitable for adoptive placement because of behavior, being feral or semi-feral, or because of on-going (in many cases very costly) health issues. At the present time, all animals in care at D.A.R.A. live in a home-like environment.

Mission Statement:

In addition to providing shelter and care for abandoned, injured, and abused animals, we promote and actively support SNR. Our goal is to save lives and to reduce animal suffering.